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On right now on BBC Radio

Picture the scene, you're sitting at home listening to Patrick Kielty on BBC Radio 2 while reading the Saturday papers. On comes a guest that you really can't stand listening to, so you change the station. But what's on? BBC Online doesn't provide a simple interface to show you what's currently on air on every station (the best they've got is the radio homepage). On Right Now on BBC Radio. I hacked this together over 2 evenings this week. It's a PHP script that grabs the xml version of the BBC Radio Schedules (here's Radio Ulster's) parses out the programme that's on air right now, and presents them in a fairly useful way. Clearly some extra effort required in polish, and probably some better caching required, but I'm fairly happy with it. You can hide services by checking the relevant checkbox at the bottom of the page and submitting the form (or simply by appending hide[]=:service_name to the URL as many times as necessary [here's Radio Ulster only]) Currently the schedules are cached for 10 minutes, so every 10 minutes the page takes an age to load as it makes 66 http requests in the background. I'll attempt to fix that at some point. (Just spotted this from Roo Reynolds, not as comprehensive but faster, What's on Radio 4 right now?)