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Wet and Windy

Today is a really nasty day. It's blowing a gale and really tipping down. There's a swimming pool forming on the roof of the BBC Club. [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="240" caption="How young I look. 6th September 2002"]Just Married[/caption] Today is also my wedding anniversary. This time (actually I'm not too clear on what time the service started at), 8 years ago I was standing rather nervously waiting for my beautiful wife to arrive. She was sitting in a car waiting, because it won't do to for the bride to arrive early. So, the weekend. Saturday was a pretty full day, we started it at IKEA, watching the planes come in to Belfast City Airport. Didn't spend too much, but we do now have matching bedside lamps. The afternoon was going to be a trip to Homebase and a new kitchen drawer, but that didn't happen, instead I helped build a duplo airport. We were at the in-laws for dinner in the evening, steak. Pretty good craic. The evening was rounded off by Avatar, not a bad movie actually. Sunday was church (it was ordinary folk who spread the early church, not the superstar apostles), then salmon for lunch and a dull afternoon which ended in grumpiness all round. Mrs A and the Boy made rock-buns for tea, then it was bath-time for the kids. I fought a pitched battle with the Girl over a cup of milk at bedtime, which she won convincingly. Thankfully she settled down eventually and slept all night. We watched The Pursuit of Happyness, then Would I lie to you on iPlayer.