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Career Development

This week saw the launch of a career development intranet site in the Future Media part of the BBC, which predictably raised lots of questions about why some roles were on a particular grade while others weren't. Part of the ensuing discussion was regarding career progression; it's not possible to progress beyond a certain pay grade and still be a web developer.  Which got me thinking about my career, where I am now and where I hope to get to. On reflection, I realised that my job title and pay grade are largely irrelevant when I'm thinking about my job satisfaction.  Instead, I came to the conclusion that I can judge my position on the spectrum of career happiness with the following four questions.
  1. Do I get to do something that I love? (or, Do I love my job?)
  2. Am I paid fairly for doing what I do?
  3. Do I get the recognition I deserve for the job I do?
  4. Is there a role available to me (that fits with my career aspirations and life choices) in the organisation that I can aim for (and that allows me to say yes to these questions)
Of course, it's easy to see that behind those questions are the issues of job title, pay grade, career ladders and job descriptions, but those are solutions to the problems not reasons for being happy. If I can't answer yes to at least two of these questions then I reckon it's time to think about moving on. My answers:
  1. Yes
  2. Yes, almost
  3. Yes, most of the time
  4. No, but only because I'm not prepared to move to London or Manchester.