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Twitter Cold Turkey - 4 hours in

I decided to stay off Twitter for Lent. Hopefully I'll find my productivity increases. I'm planning on spending more time reading blogs (so old fashioned) and perhaps even speaking to people on the phone or face to face (how archaic). 4 hours in though, and I'm struggling. I'm used to commenting on things that irritate me via a tweet, and now that I can't do it I'm finding it hard to find an outlet. Maybe I'll become more annoying and start commenting on things to my colleagues, or maybe I'll become a bit more patient with things that aren't how I'd like them to be. I think I'll start using this blog as an outlet, which will force me to think a bit more about ideas. Hopefully my writing will improve as I get used to putting an idea down in long-form rather than in the 140 character sound-bite. It's also worth noting that I'll probably fail miserably and be back on Twitter by tonight. If that's the case I'll just hide this post so no-one knows how rubbish I am at sticking to things!