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A page for every ad?

I've had this idea floating around my head for a while. It's probably fatally flawed, but someone might like it, and I've no way of doing it, so here it is for you to take and run with. BBC Online has a page for every programme broadcast on TV & Radio. It's powered by the same metadata that appears on EPGs, iplayer and Radio Times. ITV and it's regional variations doesn't have such a system, instead they produce bespoke (or seemingly bespoke) sites for their programmes (of course, we still do that for some programmes too). But what about the adverts? Wouldn't it be amazing to have a page for every advert broadcast on the TV? Want to follow the Gold Blend story? You could watch them all in chronological order via the /adverts website. What advert did the actors move on to next? When did Ah Bisto start and stop being used in TV adverts? Probably not very interesting for most adverts (who wants to watch all the Go Compare adverts for example?) but might be a bit of a gold mine for advertisers, as companies may be willing to pay for the privilege of perpetual adverts. They may, of course, want them removed.