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It's January, traditionally one of the "review the last year and plan the next" times of year. I've had a bit of a promotion at work (well, increased responsibilities) and so, naturally enough, I've been thinking about my career. It's just possible that I have the best job in the world. I live and work in Belfast, with a painless commute of 20 minutes. I get regular opportunities to spend time in the media hubs of London and Manchester. I manage a (currently small) team of developers in Belfast and Manchester, and I work closely with another team in London. I spend my day working on websites which get millions of users a week. I'm Tech Lead for Web Development on the BBC's Knowledge and Learning product, which is in the early stages of a three year programme of work which will deliver something on the same scale and reach as the BBC iplayer. I go to work with some of the smartest people in our industry, get to work with the best tools, and deliver some of the most loved content in the UK. So, how can you beat that? Well, right now, you can't. It's likely that eventually I'll get to the point when I need a new challenge. Being in Belfast means my upward progression in the BBC is complex, so without moving across the water I'm stuck. It is possible that my next role will be outside the corporation. This is a good thing. Spending too long in the one place increases the risk of getting lazy or bored. The team needs new blood to infuse it with new ideas and fresh impetus, and the individual needs new challenges to help him grow and stay on top of his game. So in two or three years time, if you need a great Development Manager or Technical Architect with world class experience of delivering product to millions of people, and you can offer a role that's better than working for the BBC, give me a call.