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Hosting Geographically Remote Meetings...

Don't do it. It won't work. Well, actually, read on... I'm sitting in a meeting now, with my headset on at my desk, with a group of people sitting in a meeting room in Salford. It's actually working pretty well as remote meetings go, but it's far from ideal. People in a group: You: It's not all bad news though. There are approaches you can take which will make it work.
  1. make sure everyone is on their own phone - this way everyone is similarly disadvantaged so they'll make the appropriate effort to hear and contribute
  2. don't use any non-shared support materials - screens must be shared, docs must be circulated beforehand, remote collaboration tools like Google Docs for making notes
  3. use video conference technology, or at least put a camera in the room so everyone can see everyone (also prevents the remote person from working on something else)
  4. make sure the chair of the meeting isn't in the room with the biggest group - they'll work harder to ensure they understand and follow everything
  5. travel to the location of the meeting so you're not on the phone