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#protip - Applying for jobs at the BBC.

I'm just reviewing some applications for a job we're filling in Future Media Knowledge & Learning, and it's obvious that some people need a little bit of guidance. On job adverts we usually publish some requirements for the role. Here's a sample list from a Senior Web Developer position (not the one I'm reviewing applicants for):
* Excellent PHP 5 development skills with Zend and/or other MVC frameworks * Unit testing with PHPUnit * Strong front-end web development skills - HTML5/CSS3/Javascript/JQuery * Knowledge of cross-browser compatibility issues * W3C standards, accessibility issues * Experience of TDD, pair programming, OO design, refactoring * Understanding of service oriented development * Version control systems (Subversion, Git) * Understanding of CI, experience with using a CI system (e.g. Hudson, Jenkins) * Basic Linux admin
And here's the job description that came from. So here's the tip, listen up! When I'm reviewing your application, I'm scoring you against these criteria (not all of them at every stage, but probably 4 or 5 of them at the CV shortlisting stage). I'm looking for evidence that you have experience of these things. When you apply for the role, either with an online form or by submitting a CV make sure you specifically mention your experience in the areas listed in the requirements section. I'll put some effort in to find the evidence, but I'm more likely to look favourably on your application if you make it easy for me.