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The Mobile Problem?

On Tuesday last (the 4th June) I had the opportunity to attend the Learning Pool Steering Group meeting in London. I had been asked to attend by Mary and Paul to speak to the assembled group of customers about our Mobile strategy.

I framed my short presentation (I think I had about 15 minutes in total) around three challenges that the explosion in mobile computing devices bring to e-learning (or web content in general) with a brief overview of what we intend to do about it at the end.

The three challenges I picked (and there are many more) were

  1. Mobile Users demand a great experience - and a desktop interface squeezed onto a small screen isn't great.
  2. Mobile Users want to get things done - and things that would be fine on a desktop pc are painful obstacles on a mobile.
  3. Mobile Users work under constraints - like small screens, limited bandwidth, distracting environments, limited input interfaces.

My key point was that in reality these three issues are true about Desktop users too (and in fact, the differences between the different computing platforms are not as clear cut as they once were), so what we need is to apply those principles to our full product suite and all users.

I'll not go into detail about what we're going to do about it (trade secrets!), but I will say that we'll do it in an iterative way, taking the platform that our customers know and love today and improving it incrementally until we have a consistently wonderful experience on whatever device you chose to learn on.