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Tab Dump: Principles

Here’s a list of Principles that I’ve collected from around the web.

  1. Veltman’s Principles - “Things to keep in mind when making stuff for the web” - I confess I don’t currently know who Veltman is (I suspect it’s probably @veltman) - these are superb though.
  2. FutureLearn - quite high level, not limited to a technical product. For example “Tell stories”.
  3. Deloitte Digital - Our Agile Disciplines - I can’t seem to access the actual link so the Google Cache version is here - six core disciplines (like Risk Management) that Deloitte Digital perform continuously.
  4. 12 Principles of mobile learning - a bit specific to my day job perhaps - useful for all web based products though I think.
  5. Windows Phone Design Principles - a blog post summary of a talk about the history and future of Metro - I like principle number 1, “Clean, Light, Open and Fast”.
  6. The Web Aesthetic from A List Apart - build web sites that fit with the way the web is - less of a set of principles than a call to understand the medium we build in.
  7. Facebook’s Design Principles - these are a bit like FutureLearn’s - “Clean”, “Consistent”…
  8. Government Digital Service - these feel like the BBC ones from a long time ago, and are a bit more technical than FutureLearn but still high level, e.g. “Start with needs”.
  9. Adactio’s List - more like a better version of this page.
  10. My list - written in June - for work - before I got really busy with delivering stuff - I still like these.

I’ll probably write a bit more about these soon.